Homemade Italian Products

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Homemade Sausage

My homemade Italian Sausage is a must have for your “Sunday gravy” or sausage and peppers!

I only use high quality pork to make the sausage. There are no nitrates and fillers…just pork shoulder and seasoning! See the story below on how I learned to make it!

Homemade Sauces

White Clam, Marinara and Vodka Sauces!

All my tomato base sauces use San Marzano tomatoes…imported from Italy! I use only the best and fresh ingredients, just like I was taught by my mother! The clam sauce I learned from my dad, it is his specialty!

Sausage Bolognese – made with my homemade sausage!

Homemade Stromboli

My Stromboli is made using my own homemade sausage! Your choice of sausage and pepper or sausage with broccoli rabe! Like Italian hoagies, try the Italian or the Spinach for a meatless option!
Now offering Pepperoni!

Homemade Meatballs

Ground beef and ground pork make the best meatballs!I soak good Italian rolls like my grandmother used to do and use my own grated Parmesan cheese! All fresh other ingredients then cooked in “gravy!”

Imported Italian Grated Cheese

Mangia Famiglia’s own blend of Italian grated cheese! Parmesan and locatelli! This is an amazing blend that will enhance any dish!

How I learned to make homemade Italian sausage….
Marty Falcone started his butcher shop in South Philadelphia in the 40’s. He always served the freshest, best meats. I grew up eating Marty’s homemade Italian sausage and I knew my family and I couldn’t live without it. I was blessed that Marty took the time to teach me how to make it and I follow his recipe exactly!